Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Autism Awareness - It's OK to be different

For Autism Awareness Week, our school went on a local walk to raise awareness about Autism.


Dylan - I'm in y6 and my dad showed me it, I have always been upset about how I have autism, but this has showed me there are people who will have your back and it's OK to have autism.

Wajihah - No one should be jugged about how they are. We are all different and that is ok.

Anisha - This video sends a big message to people around the world

Simra - It\'s okay to be different

Tahiyah - I like it

Rumaysa - You're right, it's okay to be different.

Halema khan - It is okay to be different.

Simra - I like this because it show me how to be nice to people.

Nafisa and Lamisa - It is true. Everyone has the right to be different.

Koyes Ahmed - Thanks so much for the video. Yes it is okay to be different and you show that no one can change you.

Yr6 - True. people should learn from this video.

Mysha - True :)

Anika - I like this video so much.

Ferdous - I hope everyone learnt from it

Anika - It is true. So be brave and do what you like to do. If anyone is rude to you about your difference then tell the teacher about it if you want or the head -teacher about it as well.

Jumaanah and Rania - True it is okay to be different :)

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