Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Children in Need Talent Show

Well done to the Year 4 girls who won the talent show with their cheerleading act. It was a fantastic day with so much talent on show. We raised a whopping £290 for Children in Need. Thank you to all the children, staff and parents who made it a special day for all of us.


aliyah - we had so much fun .

azhar y3 - it was epic.

Lamisa yr2 - That was amazing!!!

Ferdous - I can't wait for next year's talent show! 😀

Aysha - Best day ever!!!!! :D

Simra - I loved it, it is sad because it is my end of year

Tahiyah Yr2 - I liked the magic show

Rumaysa - We should go to the X Factor! We were so good, that's why we won!

Mysha - Thank you so much Sara and Nura! I\'m happy that you enjoyed Mini-Mix\'s performance

Anisha - It was really fun and amazing

sasha - I loved it!

dean - It was amazing

janeeta - it was good

Alvi - that was the best day ever

Jannat - I loved this day so much. I wish we could have another one in the summer before the holidays!

Jumaanah and Rania - We both had so much fun, we loved it

Safa and Tara - Spectacular 6 came first well done to all of them in the talent show. A very big thanks to Binu and Leona for all the support and help!

Yusra - I love it!

Rania - It was the best day ever!

Tara - It was an amazing day!

Ferdous - It\'s better than the X factor

Jumaanah - I had so much fun!

Mohima - Wonderful!!!!

Sara and Nura - Kobi\'s got talent was amazing and fun! We loved Mini-mix and Rex falling off the bench...

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