Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Inclusive Sports Day 2016

To follow on from England's successful Paralympics, children tried a variety of sports that had been adapted so those less able could be included. For example, seated volleyball and seated judo. A very special thanks to Becky for organising such a wonderful day, where we could all have a go and understand what it might be like to be less able.


azhar - Farhan yr3. What team were you in

Zara - Thanks Becky for planning this

Aleena year 2 - Best day of my life ♦️

Furqan yr2 - I overjoyed when it was sports day. I loved spots day.😎🇬🇧

Ferdous - That was fun

rayan - I like sports day

FARHAN Y3 - I had lots of fun in sports day and I cant believe my team won

Zain - I had so much fun :)

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