Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Kobi Nazrul X Factor Highlights


ahnaf - gg


adrita - I cant believe we won!!!!!

Aleena - WOOHOO ?

Wasim 17.11.17 - Its been a year and all of the acts still impress me ! ;]

Aleena - Next year I will be doing XFACTOR for you guys

Nabila y4 - It was so amazing!

Rumaysa - Well done to the winners you did a great job

azhar - I don't know what to do next time. Tell me in the comments and say its for Azhar

Azhar bakerloo - fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

Ferdous yr 5 - The Quads were very happy about winning this years talent show but the thing we really cared about was having fun👍🏻😀

Wasim Metropolitan - It was amazing and it seemed like everyone had fun 😜

sumayah y4 - It was amazing I loved watching everyone's talent. Well done winners.

yahya - This is the best X Factor ever!!!!!!

Anjuman - I miss primary so much. Have a great year everyone.

Jumaanah and Rania - Wow you guys had fun, I wish we could too.

Simra - Wow it was so fun. I really like it.

Ayesha yr4 - It was awesome X factor

Sajida - It was fantastic

Ismile - Congratulations, WINNERS

Tahiyah - Best day ever

iqbal - It was awesome

Ferdous-y4 - The x factor was amazing.

Safa - I loved the talent show even when i didn't win!

Amrita - Still can't believe we won but I think everyone should be 1st place.

Anisha - Looks like you all had fun. Well done to the winners but looks like you all did amazing, I wish I could watch all of it because it looks fantastic.

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