Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Year 3 and 4 visit the Tower of London

Linked to their River Thames topic, Year 3 and 4 visited the Tower of London. They enjoyed learning about the history of the tower, as well as viewing the crown jewels!


Sadia - The best trip I have ever been on especially when we saw the soilders gun shooting.

Ferdousi - I love the picture

Alvi - I had the best time of my life, this trip was worth it.

zayaan y4 - It was so fun!

Zahra k - I had so much fun I loved this trip Thank you asma and shaima

maryam,B y4 - I really had fun and it was my best trip ever.

halema y3 - It was a lovely trip Anthony I learnt a lot about the past

Azhar Y3 - It was an amazing trip!!! IT WAS THE BEST TRIP!!!😀👍 THANK YOU Anthony for this trip!😊

Farhan - I had lots of fun in the Tower of London and my favourite part was when the soldiers were shooting guns.

yahya y3 - It was an amazing trip and I learnt a lot ; )

Kameel y1 - Wow that looks like a really nice trip. I wish I could go there !

Haani y3 - It was a lovely trip Anthony! I learnt a lot about the past 😉

Ayesha Y4 - What a lovely day it was. It was my best trip, thank you.

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