Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Year 3 - Green Screening

This is Year 3's first attempt at using our green screen. They chose their characters, costumes and plots independently, before editing their videos themselves.


Tahiyah - Wow

azhar y3 - so bang fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

azhar y3 - Really easy

Afsana - I enjoyed it thoroughly.

samih - I really enjoyed it, especially when we were acting.

yahya - This was really fun and we got to dress up so it was really fun ; ]

arisha y3 - I loved the green screen and I hoped you like our videos.

Ruqayyah - I really enjoyed doing green screening and I hope everyone enjoyed watching it as much I did!

Ismile - Congratulations, that\'s really impressive

Sajida - I really like this I hope everyone enjoyed this

Kameel Y1 - Wow! Green screening looks really nice ❤️ I loved all of the videos ! :))

Sara - It was a really good play! Well done!

Haani - I extremely enjoyed it ! I bet everyone else loves it too :) !

Tahiyah - I really enjoy it and I hope everyone enjoy it to 💟💗💖💕💞

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