Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Year 5 visit Spitalfields City Farm

Last Friday, Year 5 visited Spitalfields City Farm. This trip was linked to their work in science about animals' habitats and the ways that animals change.

The children enjoyed looking at and stroking cows, goats and donkeys. It was exciting to see the children's confidence around the animals grow throughout the trip. Intesar and Isha were both fantastic role models, by encouraging other children to stroke the animals.

Samiyyah N commented, 'The cows, Bimba and Dandelion, were enjoyable to see.' Whilst Rahma mentioned, 'The goats were very cute.' Abdullah recalled that the donkeys were from France.


Tahiyah - It looks fun

Binu khatun - I had so much fun with year 5. I went back to the farm with my family. Thank you year 5!

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