Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Year 6 Ice Skating

Year 6 went to Canary Wharf for a morning of ice-skating.


Anisha - Missing u lot 💕

Armaan - It was amazing!!!!!!!!

Jumaanah and Rania - Soo true Jannat! :)

Jannat - Ice skating was fun but it doesn't compare to Kingswood.

Maherah - I loved it it was so much fun

Anisha - What to do you guys prefer Kingswood or ice skating?


Alimah - It\'s such a fun experience to do

fabiha - That was the most fun trip I ever went to!!! :) I really want to go back! THANKS A LOT!! :) :)

Simra - I found it really scary

Tara - It looks really fun!

Jumaanah - I fell 10 times!

Anisha - It was really fun. Yr 6 rules!

Jannat - I want to go back!!

Jannat - That was the best trip ever!!:)

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