Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Year 6 Leavers 2016

Goobye and good luck to everyone leaving Kobi Nazrul this year.


Rozma - Hi Kidoz. Hope you’re all doing well and wish you all the best for your GCSE’s.

Mahinoor rahman - I cried to much when I left and when I saw this video it really made me tear up

Anisha - Still missing you guys ❤️

Anisha - I hope u guys are doing great. Missing u all so much !!

Jumaanah - 😩😩😩

Anisha - Hope everyone is doing great, missing you.

Adil - I can\'t wait to have a barbecue at the end of year 6

anjuman - Miss you guys so much have fun at secondary.

Simra - I miss my school.

halema and ibrahim - I will miss you so much year 6, have a good time. Good luck.

Anisha - Miss you all so much, thinking about everyone.

Iqra - I miss you guys. Good luck in secondary! 😃😰

Jumaanah - Missing you guys, can't stop thinking about you.

Anisha - Will miss all of you so much, thanks for everything Abid k and Ishtiaque and everyone else

Sadia - Will miss this class

Abid k - When I first saw this I started crying

Abid k yr6 - I will miss u all u guys was the best and we were the best yr6 ever

Anisha - Will miss you all. It was the best class ever.

Jannat - This year 6 was the best y6 EVER!! Gonna miss everyone :( #year62016. Hope we will see each other soon 😄😄. Good luck to everyone 👍🏻👍🏻

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