Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Year 6 Residential 2016 - Windmill Hill

Year 6 visited Windmill Hill in East Sussex for a week long residential.


Anisha Begum Mum - Hello all I am missing you all very much. I would just like to see a video up on the website on windmill hill so that my daughter and I can watch back and have a walk down memory lane

azhar - amazing

Becky - Wow the beds look tasty

Samira - It was soooooo much fun! I want to go back there.

Ferdous - That looks fun❗️

Safa - It looks like you had a really great time!

Tara - Looks fun! I want to go.

Imran - I miss Windmill Hill :(. Canoeing was so much fun. :)

Aysha - It was sooooo fun I want tu go back ❤❤👌👌👍👍👍😭

Adrita - Looks fun, can't wait to go next year

Wajeeha - You all look so grown up, I wish I was back at school

aysha - all aboard had to be the best!:)

Nafisa - This residential was so fun but I am so happy to see my family again. The activities were fun even though some people went to the top and some people didn't at least we all had a go at everything

Aqueddus - Canoeing looks fun! I can\'t believe I didn\'t go this year!

Nasim, Mujahid\'s Dad. - It is very nice and pleasing to see the children having a great time at Windmill.

Nafisa mum - Wow! They are having such a wonderful time! I hope they are having fun!

sumaya yasmin mum - Please can you add pictures of sumaya ? I am missing you lots

Aysha dad - Wow what lovly pic.
Love so much honey and all of your friend

Aysha\'s mum - Miss you princess

Flavio, Rahma\'s father - Wow Rahma looks like you having a great time at PGL.
we all missing so much .
Love from me,Elyas and Granny .

Sara\'s mum - Wow everyone looks like having so much fun n grown up , we miss you so much Sarah n your brothers dad take care and enjoy 👍

Belinda king - See you tomorrow year 6, I can't wait to share the fun! I was really proud to hear that the staff at Windmill Hill have been saying what fantastic children you are!

Wajihah - Hope you are having fun over there.I feel like going back to Kingswood seeing all the pictures.looks like your having a lot of fun. lol

Sumaya yasmins mum - Looks like great fun over there...brings back so many memories...hope your all having fun.....everyone misses you especially amina

Jen - It looks like you are having so much fun! I can\'t wait to read more about it on the website when you get back.

Aysha\'s dad. - I love you Aysha.

Simra - WOW it looks like you had so much fun. I wish I was in school again .Miss the school loads. Good luck year 6. GOOD LUCK without your family. YEAR 6 WELL DONE IN WINDMILL.

samira\'s mum - Jannatul mawa samira mum I miss you so much nice pictures can you add more pictures please

halal - Sumaya missing you your bab

Intesar dad - Nice photo can you add more photo please.

Liza khanom - I missing you

Aysha\'s Dad - Good night my honey, sleep tight.

Sodor ali, Aysha\'s father. - I miss you, Aysha

Anthony - Wow! You\'re all so grown up! It\'s great to see you all working together as a team, and having so much fun!

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