Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Eid 2015

Highlights from the Eid celebrations at Kobi Nazrul.



sumayah yr 6 - its 2018 and i still remember that . it was so fun. but i forgot what i wrote

Furqan - BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara a yr3 - That was the best day ever in the whole world

Wasim - The day was amazing!

Suhayla Thomas Buxton primary school tigers - I hope you had a lovely Eid and have a lovely summer holiday. Maybe Mrs John will love it as well as she loved us. Hope they read this.

Suhayla Thomas Buxton primary school - You have a really nice school and headteacher I am sad to give away Mrs John😢

Suhayla Thomas Buxton primary school tigers - I had just seen the blog and I really like it. Kobi Nazrul are really lucky to have my teacher going to your school, Mrs John. I hope Mrs King and Mrs John read this.

Tahiyah - The best day ever

Ferdous - Wonderful day. Kobi Nazrul is so much fun. I don't want to leave , if I did I would be so sad 💝🏣

Ferdous - I really enjoyed Eid at Kobi Nazrul

Samia - It was so pretty to look at the sky with all those balloons!

Miraj - We had so much fun on Eid day

anisha(Y6) - it was amazing especially the balloon release

Nafisa - Hope you enjoyed the video

Sakeena - I love this video

Koyes Ahmed - i hope you had fun and Eid murbarik.

Leena - The video is really good

Shazeda - Love the video and pictures of Eid. Shows what Eid is all about...spending time with family and friends and having lots of fun.

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