Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Stay Home Year 1


Becky - Hi Piccadilly class,
You have now heard that I will be your Year 2 teacher next year (yay) - I am so pleased to continue our learning together in September.
Amirah - lovely to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed the ice cream cone craft :) I'm looking forward to school too!!

Take care,

Amirah - Hello Becky
I am so excited to be coming back to school on Monday.

Adnan - Hi Becky
I have made an ice cream cone with my aunt, my mum has sent the picture on watsup, also have been working on some of the math work sheets too, I have completed the crossword, the bear map and the word search too hope you like it

Amirah - Hi Becky,

Did you see my sunflower diary that I have kept. My mum sent it on the whatsapp today.The secret is lots of sunshine and water and some special plant food. I have also done the maths work this week so far.

Becky - What a week it has been, with opportunities to do drumming and PE at school and to be part of a Friday assembly again!!! Feels so lovely to be part of the school day again.
Who has signed up to something for next week? Let us know here on the blog. That way you will know which of your friends you will get to see :)
Khaila - I'm glad you enjoyed making the Greek salad. Did you have a go at this week's pizza?
Syeeda - well done for continuing your home learning, I admire your dedication to your learning at this time! :)
Amirah - Well done for doing lots of maths work this week! Your sunflower plant sounds like it is thriving! What's your secret to making it keep growing so tall?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amirah - Hello Becky,

I have done all my maths homework and re did some work on Mymaths. I also tried out the mymaths year 1 booster challenges.
My 🌻 sunflower plant 🌱 has grown really tall. It is now taller than my 30cm ruler.

Syeeda - Hi Becky,
I hope you are doing well. Due to current situations I can’t send my homework on Whatsapp bit I can still do it 😁

Khaila - Good afternoon everyone and Becky hope you are all well. I enjoyed making the Greek salad last week.

Becky - Hi Amirah, so lovely to hear from you :)

Great news about your sunflower! It would be lovely to hear how your plants are getting on? Has anyone had any successes? What are the secrets to a successful plant?

Greek salad is one of my favourites, and luckily one of Lilly's too! I hope you like it :)
Well done for continuing to read lots! It is really important to try to read daily, which it sounds like you are doing - well done!!

Amirah - Hello Becky,
My sunflower plant is growing really tall now.
I am looking forward to making the Greek salad and I will send a WhatsApp video.
I have a new set of books and I am reading one a week.

Becky - Hope you all had a fantastic half term!
Khadijah you're treasure hunt sounds like great fun! and well done for keeping up with your spellings! 10/10 is great!!
Saara lovely to hear your story recommendations - What are you reading now?
Hopefully you'll have found this week's newsletter. This week we are looking at a new story in English - link found on the newsletter. We are revising shape in maths. looking at 3D at the beginning of the week and 2D at the end of the week. It is really important that we are confident with the difference between 2D and 3D. You can do this by looking at things around your home. Some things will be 3D shapes but within the 3D shapes you may find some 2D shapes. Have a look and post what you've found here on the blog or on the Whatsapp.
I have also included a NEW! guided reading session, using a book from the ebook library on oxford owl. If you haven't already, ask a parent to sign in with an email and then you can access this for free :) I have also filmed me reading the book for those who are finding the access/ or reading of the book challenging.
Look forward to hearing from you on the blog and seeing you on the whatsapp :)
Take care,

khadijah - HI everyone! Eid mubarak! hope you all enjoyed Eid. sorry couldn't make it to the zoom call. I enjoyed Eid as we had a treasure hunt and lots of fun. Also I got 10/ 10 in my spelling.

saara - Hi, Becky. Eid Mubarak everyone. This is the book I am reading - Our class Tigere and Pick your queen. I really enjoyed both of the books.

Becky - Hope you are all keeping well, and staying safe yet getting the opportunity to enjoy some of this lovely weather.
Saara - The Oxford Owl website is a great website especially with the e-book library. On the homepage there are two options: oxford owl for school and oxford owl for home. Kobi Nazrul does not have a subscription so the class login does not apply to us. If you select the oxford owl for home option, you will be required to enter an email address. Ask Mum or Dad to help you.
Once your parent has entered their email, oxford owl will send an email to verify link.. Once your mum or dad has clicked on the verification link you can then enter the site and search and read books from the ebook library all for free. - Hope this helps. If you are finding that doesn't work let me know on here and I'll give you a call :)

saara - Dear Becky and everyone,

I am missing you all a lot. I have been doing lots of planting, reading and learning about coins and pennies. I have been reading books to my little brother and he is learning from me a lot.

Becky, can you tell me the password for the online reading Oxford Owl book. I don't know the password and class username. I am going to read when you give it to me. Thank you


Becky - It was so lovely to see lots of you today - I loved seeing all the amazing things you are doing at home! You are all very creative and managing to do so much with your families.
Saara - I miss you all and school so much too! It was lovely seeing your rainbow pillow picture today.
Well done Aishah with your spellings . I am glad you enjoyed the shop game - it is a fun way of practising our addition and subtraction skills.

Aishah - Hi Becky, I got 10/10 on my spellings and enjoyed the online game for maths where we played shop. I got some wrong and I got some right

saara - hi, Becky, I miss you. especially the playground time. when we do my spellings. thank you for giving me dojo stickers. I am doing my homework. I have done my rainbow pillow activity. I will share it on Whatsapp today. I have also done planting and I hope you have seen the pictures on the WhatsApp. I have also done my spellings of the week. Thank you.

Becky - Rafsan that sounds like a well thought out box! You know Pipperty Skycap well :) I think he would definitely use the carrot and keys to play tricks on people.
Amirah - I can't wait to see your paintings and diorama. Morocco and Dubai have deserts nearby so you can certainly imagine the temperature of a desert from visiting those countries.
Next week we are off to a new climate - it is sunny but , unlike a desert, has a lot of rainfall. We are going to go to South America and visit the Amazon rainforest. So many animals and plants live in the amazon rainforest.
The Amazon Rainforest is home to 427 mammal species, 1,300 bird species, 378 species of reptiles, and more than 400 species of amphibians. Some of the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest include jaguars, sloths, river dolphins, macaws, anacondas, glass frogs, and poison dart frogs.

Amirah - Hi Becky
I have finished my flower painting and I’m really impressed.
I have also done an Antarctica diorama. We will take pictures tomorrow.
I have not been on a desert holiday yet but I have been to a very hot country and a very cold country. I went to New York in the winter and it was really cold. I also went to Dubai and Turkey and Spain and Morocco and they were very hot. Morocco is part of Africa and I know Africa has deserts.

Rafsan - Hi Becky I made a special box today for Pippety's special things. In it i put:
1. Toy carrot- so that he can trick people into thinking that it is real.
2. Shiny coin- because he likes shiny things.
3. Plastic keys- so that he can pretend he bought someone a new car (but actually it's not real).

Becky - Well done Aiza on getting 10/10 with your spellings this week! - have you noticed the pattern for this week's spellings?

Amirah - I feel the same about the zoom! it worked really well and was so pleased to see so many of you.
I saw you flower pictures - and looking forward to seeing your final painting too!

This week in geography we are going to 'visit' the desert. Have any of you been to a really hot country before?

I know Khaila said she had been to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Both these places are really hot and Saudi Arabia has a desert - the Arabian Desert! Khadijah said she had visited Texas which can be very hot too and has the Chihuahuan Desert.

Khaila/Khadijah if you have any desert holiday pictures, could you share them in our next zoom? (no worries if you don't have any)

Aiza - How are u all? I forgot to mention about my results last for the spelling test. I got 10/10. I have done lots of reading independently today. An been practising this weeks spelling test.

Amirah - Hello Becky
I really liked zoom yesterday and I can’t wait for next week.
Did you see my work yesterday. My mum has printed lot’s of flower pictures and I have started a big flower drawing and I am using paint and oil pastels. I have done the coin work today and my mum told me one pound is 100p and 2 pound is 200p. She also gave me some work to go over telling the time.
I will try to send a gardening video. I am also going to plant sunflower seed today and keep a sunflower diary.

Becky - It was really lovely seeing lots of you on zoom today! I hope you enjoyed seeing each other too. I enjoyed it so much that I would like to book one in for next Monday (18th) at 2:30pm. The log in details will follow and will be sent by whatsapp and be on the newsletter too. Hope you can make it :) I loved seeing your work that you are really proud of. Next Monday I would love to see something you have completed this week. Could be a story you have read, some work you have completed, something you have made or drawn?
Take care,

Amirah - For

Khaila - Hi Becky
I am really happy with my new books my mum got from the school.

Becky - Khadijah - thank you for sharing about the Frog Prince - I agree, that's a great story! And brilliant that it is on the oxford owl website so everyone can read it.
Your Ramadan around the world book sounds like it is perfect for our geography unit - I will look for the school to get a copy :)
It sounds like you are having a great time at home! Planting is in our next week's timetable and would love to see what you manage to grow. I don't tend to have much luck with gardening so hopefully you will be able to show me!

khadijah - Hi Becky,

I have just read a book on Oxford Owl called 'The Frog Prince' I like the book because the princess and frog became friends and all the frog wanted is a friend.
I love how we will be travelling in geography and I've already made my passport! We have been 'travelling' too during Ramadan, as we have been using the book 'Ramadan around the world' and we have travelled to Texas, Mexico and Brazil so far, we have learnt what children do in each country during Ramadan and have done some fun activities. I have also learnt about plants and now understand why parts of the plants are needed to do a special job just like our body parts. I will also be growing some plants at home and i cant wait!
Take care

Becky - Aiza - that's great news about your spelling test -well done! It's been lovely to see you read on the whatsapp videos.
Amirah - I'm glad you are enjoying the learning - I hope you enjoy Miss Wobble the Waitress - I've not read that one.

Aiza and Amirah you both mentioned you have been reading lots - can you recommend any books to your friends? It would be lovely to share what we have been reading on the blog - It might encourage our friends to read and share too!

I have been reading 'The bus is for us' a rhyming book about transport by Michael Rosen. Lilly loves turning the pages and pointing to the types of transport that she knows.
What have you read this week?

Take care

Amirah - Hello Becky
We have done Monday and Tuesday learning and it's really great fun.

I have also done the extra part too.

Today my mum went to get me some more books and I am really excited to read miss wobble the waitress with my mum as she said she used to read the same book when she was little.

Aiza - Hi becky, how are you, last week spelling text i got 9/10.
Also i drew a picture of beans fromthe story on my book. Iv been reading lots with my mum.
Miss you all.

Becky - Hello Year 1,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Did you do anything nice? I have been doing a bit of gardening this weekend, planting some bulbs and flowering plants to make it look prettier.
I hope you all received the Week 3 newsletter OK. Please let me know if you didn't. You will notice an extra row with some science and geography learning. This is to take into account some of the other things we would be doing at school if we were there. Just do as much as you can at home, there is no expectation to complete everything, everyday.

Khaila - churros and brownies - yummy I feel inspired and might give those a go this week, although churros sound challenging :)

Well done Amirah and Lyana for practising your spellings this week. Did you notice a pattern? It is tricky to decide which spelling choice to use when you hear the /igh/ /ie/ sound. Practising and looking out for these spellings in our reading books help with remembering which one to use.

You may have received a message inviting you to school to change your school books this week (Tuesday or Thursday). The invitation system means only a few families will be there at one time to keep everyone safe. Please RSVP if you will be attending.

Take care,

Khaila - Hello Becky and everyone
Hope you are all well I am doing maths work with my mum. Becky that sounds delicious I have made churros, chocolate brownies and milkshakes with my family.

Amirah - Week 1

Week 2

Lyana - Lyana's spelling test


Becky - Lyana and Khadijah great to hear your views about stealing ,thinking about Jack and the Beanstalk.
In this story, thinking about your conversations, who would you say is the 'good' character and who is the 'bad' character?

Next week we are using a new talk for writing booklet (similar to Sidney the Spider) for our English and beginning to look at money in maths.

The class newsletter and timetable should be available from Sunday, ready for Monday morning. There is an additional row for other curriculum things. This is not to overwhelm or add any extra stress, it is just a response to some of our conversations from last week about what other things would be covered in the school day if we were still at school. This can be as simple as conversations at home or using the Go Jetters CBBC programme during down time to look at places around the world.

I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

Take care

khadijah - Hi Becky,

It was lovely to talk to you the other day. I have been practising my 2s, 5s and 10s multiplications and I'm getting better. I've listened to Jack and the beanstalk and drew my own magical beans with glitter pens to make it sparkly. About stealing, I think it is not okay to steal, because whoever you have stolen it from might be sad and might be looking for it. You should always ask permission before taking anything as the person might just give it to you and you will feel much more happier.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Take care

Lyana - Hi Becky. I have been listening and reading Jack and the bean stalk. I don't think its ok to steal because things belong to others. If you want something then you have to ask.

Becky - Abdullah, well done for finishing the spider booklet and for working really hard in maths. Sounds like you are managing to follow the timetable well.

Amirah - I'm glad you enjoyed making the beanstalk, I like how high you made it to reach the giant's boots!

You can use the blog to practise your spellings. Friday is our normal spelling test day, if you wanted - tomorrow you can type your spellings into the blog for me to see if you have been practising.

Take care

Abdullah - Hi Becky
Today I managed to do counting in 2s, 4s, 5s and 10s. Maths has been fun today. I will try and send pictures on whatsapp. I also have been practising my spelling for the week.

Amirah - Hu Becky,

Today I did the creative beanstalk homework. I loved doing it and made a really tall beanstalk. I have sent a picture on the WhatsApp. Please have a look. It was so much fun

Becky - It was so lovely to talk to most of you this week! Those I missed I will try you again later in the week.

Ahian I must mention your news video from the WhatsApp - you delivered it so professionally in your suit! I loved watching it!!

Ahian and Amirah - I'm so glad to hear how well you are finding Jack and the Beanstalk. If we were doing this in class we would be trying to memorise the story with actions to help us remember the sequence of events.
Can you remember the story? Can you say what happens at the beginning, the middle and the end?

Khaila - it was lovely speaking with you and your Mum yesterday and I'm glad you found the blog :) I have started to bake at home too - I made some millionaire shortbread and a banana loaf. Although now i have to eat it all :) What have you been baking?

Aishah - it was lovely to talk with you yesterday :)

Lyana- We've been really lucky with the weather (up until today) so glad you have been enjoying your garden.

Take care all

Abdullah - Today I finished off the reading and completing
The Spider Story Booklet. I really enjoy English.
I also read the story Jack and the Beanstalk one of my favourite stories with Mummy. I drew some magic beans and coloured in a castle.
We managed to do a little bit of maths work ‘biggest to smallest’.

Amirah - Hello Becky
I did the magic bean drawing and describing activity and I really enjoyed it. I have sent a picture on WhatsApp .

I am looking forward to making the beanstalk tomorrow.
I also did the curious George game and I really enjoyed it.
My mum has given me a Jack and the Beanstalk writing activity.

Lyana - Hello Everyone. I have been doing lots of work and I have been playing in my garden a lot. I love riding my bike.

Khaila - Hello Becky and everyone
I have missed everybody I found the link to the blog today on my dads phone. It was nice to talk to you Becky I am doing my maths work with my mum today. I did lots of baking and learning at home and practising my hand writing work from the pack. I am missing all my friends hope you all stay well and safe.

Ahian - Hi Becky
I did all my work today. I Started with dancing 3 times. It was going really well. Then I finished my multiplication in mymaths . I practiced twice there .
Finally I done the Jack and beanstalk story. I listened and also read it few times. My dad was with me , although he was confused 😀

Jack and the Beanstalk
I liked the part when they become rich.
I disliked the part when they were selling cow
It surprised me when the beanstalk grew overnight
It reminded me of magic.

I miss you and all my friends.

Aishah - Hi Becky, my mum says sorry for not picking up your call yesterday. She said her phone was on silent. I would love to talk to you.

Amirah - Jack and the Beanstalk
I liked the part when they took the gold from the giant.
I disliked the part when they were poor.
It surprised me when the beans were magic.
It reminded me of magic.

Amirah - Hi Becky
This morning I practiced my spellings and I have done the measurement task and the my maths counting in 2s,5s and 10s I did the mymaths twice to practise it more and I really like counting in 2s,5s and 10s.
I have just listened to Jack and the beanstalk and I am about to do the sentances.

Becky - It was lovely to speak to some of you today, hopefully will speak to some more of you tomorrow.

Khadijah - I'm so sorry I missed your message: yes the link is here: please copy and paste it to the address bar to find the booklet: https://www.talk4writing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Y1-Unit.pdf Hope this helps.

Amirah - Hi Becky
My numicon box has arrived and I am looking forward to doing number bonds and maths with them.

Becky - Hi
Abdullah - Lovely to hear form you! PE with Joe Wicks is tricky so an excellent start for the day. I'd love to see your spider creation!!
There will be a new newsletter with timetable for you that will be sent to you Monday. Happy to hear any feedback on how you found the activities. This week there will be more maths and some creative opportunities through English. I have also written the spellings for you to practise and perhaps your parents can test you at the end of the week for a weekly spelling test. Or on the Friday you can type your spellings onto this blog for me to check :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, keep safe, enjoy Ramadan.

Khadijah - Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

Hi Becky,
We can’t seem to open the talk4writing link up it keeps saying there’s an error. Will you be able to send the link to us again?
Thank you.

Abdullah - Hi Becky and everyone
Today me and mummy did PE with Joe Wicks. We really enjoy it. Helps our brains buzzing. I feel more energetic and happy.
Have a lovely weekend
Stay safe bye!

Abdullah - Hi Becky and everyone
Today mummy and I did PE with Joe Wicks. It’s really great fun and keeps us fit and healthy and our happy brains buzzing.
In the afternoon I will do my creative activity and hopefully have lots of fun creating a spider.
Have a lovely weekend
Stay safe

Becky - Ramadan Mubarak to you all!

Becky - Hi Khadijah - great to hear from you!
Sounds like you are having a lovely time with your family. Please send a photo on the whatsapp message of your volcano - that sounds incredible!
Your bunny hunt story sounds like a brilliant idea - I wonder what you will have to travel through to get them :)
That's good to know your dad is good at painting - we can remember this when we need an artist in class :)

Aqueddus - that sounds great you're all riding your bikes confidently now! You'll all be cycling to school once we're back I'm sure!!
I've been doing my best trying to teach Lilly as much as I can. She's not understood the sounds yet but she does know that M is for Mummy, D is for Daddy, N is for Nanny and L is for Lilly so getting there :)

All - you might notice on the timetable there is no more maths for this week. Please use any extra time to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10. The youtube links mentioned in the previous post are really good if you have the time to watch them.

Take care and speak tomorrow

Aqueddus - Hello children!
Right now I am on my computer working, and weirdly I am missing the noise Year 3, 4 5 and 6 would make when going up to class after break! I am sure once we are back I will be telling them to be quiet in the corridoors again.
Me, Sara and Hana have been keeping busy. Both of them can now confidently ride a bike - whoop whoop!

I wonder how many sounds Becky has taught Lilly during the closure?

Khadijah - Hello Becky and everyone,
I miss you all and hope you're all well. I've been doing paper mache of a volcano and we will be erupting the volcano. In English we have been focusing on the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' and have done some activities on it and I will now be writing a story on 'We're going on a bunny hunt' and the bunnies will be at the school at the end of my story. I have also been enjoying painting with my dad because he is very good at painting. I have been preparing for Ramadan and helped decorate the house.
Take care and stay safe.
love Khadijah

Becky - Amirah - I'm glad you found the English better today. that first lesson is asking you to respond to the story with your opinion. Do you like the story? Does it remind you of anything? Did anything surprise you about the story?
Yes, more mymaths will be coming next week.

The counting in 2s, 5s and 10s that is part of today's learning is really important we are fluent with these. This is one of the main objectives we need to complete by the end of Year 1.
Here are some helpful youtube videos that show resources to support counting in and on in 2s, 5s and 10s - forwards and backwards.

You can then use the mymaths counting 1 the scarf lesson to check your skills. Even if you've completed this homework go back and redo this one as it's so important to be confident with this part of maths.
good luck :)

Amirah - Hi Becky
I found today's English work better..I also did the quiz questions today as my mum will be at work tomorrow and I enjoyed that.
We will be looking at the food chain of spiders this week too.
Will you be putting up some more work on My Maths?


Becky - Hi Ismaaeel, Yunus and Amirah lovely to hear from you!

I'm feeling well thank you Yunus, hope you and your family are too!

Ismaaeel that sound like you're making the most of your time at home. I've also been out on my bike, and trying to teach Lilly but she likes to walk and not sit on the seat yet. Zoom charades sounds fun!

Amirah you are working so hard at home, well done! Thank you for letting me know about English. How did you find today's session?

I would love to hear how some of you find the English this week as we are trialling a talk for writing booklet, which is the process we usually follow. You can try to add actions to the story to help you remember it, if that helps.

Ismaaeel - Hello everyone.

I hope you are all well.

I have been reading, writing and doing some maths. I have been playing with my sister and riding my bike.

At the weekend, I play charades with my cousin's using Zoom.

Take care everyone.

from Ismaaeel

Amirah - Tuesday- Hi Becky. Today I have done the missing number homework. I also did a number bonds worksheeet and a telling the time worksheet. After lunch I will be doing the English work and then some reading and then some art drawing.

Yunus - Hi Becky and Year 1,

Hope you are all well and feeling good.


Amirah - I found the English homework hard to do today. I really wasn't sure how to answer the questions.

Becky - Hi Amirah, I'm so glad that you managed to find this class blog.
Well done on doing your mymaths homework today and glad to hear that you have been doing lots of reading :)
I'm glad you mentioned the oxford owl website - it has lots of fabulous books online. The link is : https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/books/free-ebooks/ if any of your friends want to try it too.

Ismaaeel - Hello everyone.

I hope you are all well.

I have been reading, write

Amirah - Hi Becky
Today I have done the My Maths homework that you have set for our class today. I am about to do some comprehension work from a workbook with my mummy and then I will do the piece you have set for today.
I have also been reading books online on the oxford owl website which has free books.

Amirah - Hi Becky,
I am missing you. How are you doing.
At home I am doing a lot of learning with my mummy. I am also reading lot’s of books. I am really enjoying doing lots of crafting and arts.

Becky - How are you all? I hope you are all feeling healthy and happy!
This is such an unusual time but I hope you are enjoying the extra time with your families.
I have been enjoying spending time with Lilly. This week we have been playing with balloons - inspired by Ahian's balloon challenge.
What have you enjoyed doing at home?
I would love to hear all about it.
You can share on this blog some of the things you have been up to at home or the learning you have been focussing each day.
I will read it each day and will comment and answer any of your questions.
Take care,

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