Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Year 5 visit the Churchill War Rooms

On Tuesday, Year 5 visited the Churchill War Rooms. This visit was linked to their IPC topic on WWII. The War Rooms were used by important members of the government and military during the war, with Churchill's War Cabinet meeting in the building 115 times. 

The children reflected on the significance of the building, with Sumayyah A commenting that she would have been proud to work in the underground offices because 'important things happened here.'

Fun Fact: On 16th August 1945 the lights were turned off for the first time in six years.


sarah - The trip was amazing I want to know more and see fun things about world war 2

Nafisa - The trip was so fun i want to go back there and learn more new facts, it felt like i was actually in WW2.

Miraj - I want to go back

Samia - I loved that trip is was amazing knowing lots of things that happened in world war 2 in a fun way.

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