Kobi Nazrul - Primary School

Healthy School

Kobi Nazrul is working hard to become a healthier school.

  • Children get to enjoy healthy meals at lunchtime with the salad bar and additional fruit for dessert.
  • During playtimes, we encourage children to choose healthy snacks.
  • Children learn about how to be healthy and the effects it has on the body.
  • We can all become healthier by ensuring we get our 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, drinking lots of water and being aware of added sugar in our food and limiting it where possible.

Another great way to be healthy is to walk to school and ensure that every day there is an opportunity to be active. All of these will help us live long, happy and healthy lives!

Tuck Shop

Kobi Nazrul is a healthy school and prides itself on offering healthy snacks to our children during break.

After School Clubs

At Kobi Nazrul healthy snacks are enjoyed during after school clubs.  Please ensure that if you have an after school club your snack is healthy. Fruit, vegetables and if going onto another club after school a healthy sandwich is appropriate. Please ensure that only water is provided to drink.